Housewives of OC, It Was Real

First of all, I just want you to know that Valerie Bertinelli is wearing a shirt I own in the new Jenny Craig ads. From this I can tell you with some authority that 1) Jenny Craig stylists shop Nordstrom Rack and 2) I hate that shirt on me for the same reason Valerie probably does and that’s why she has to have her hands on her hips. So she’ll have a waist.

Do with that information what you see fit. Please don’t start a riot.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We’re moving next month. Again. This will be our third move in as many years.

All of our friends and family have already let us know that they’re “busy that weekend” without even asking which weekend we’re moving. I don’t blame them. During our last move our good friend’s liver was pinned against a doorway by my refrigerator for a good part of the day.

If I were being honest I’d admit that I’m actually looking forward to this move, to the change of scenery, to new routines, to being forced to organize and clean.

What I’m not looking forward to is the packing and actual moving followed by the inevitable living out of boxes for, oh, a year. The funny thing is, every time we move I swear to Chris that this move will be different than the others.

I say “This will be the most organized move yet!”

For our last move I came up with the brilliant idea to color code and number the boxes instead of labeling them. Every room would have a color: green=dining room, red=Savannah’s room, and so on. Then every box would be numbered.

So, instead of writing “TOYS & BOOKS – SAVANNAH’S ROOM” I would put a red dot sticker on the box and a number.

Then – are you still reading this? - I had a spiral notebook that had every room written down next to its color code along with the number and its contents.

“What’s that? You need your green sweater? Why, that’s in box red twelve!”

We were going to be so organized!

Except I lost the notebook on moving day.

And then we ran out of colored stickers.

In the end we had about 50 boxes piled throughout the new house without a clue as to what was in them or where they belonged. I’d discover the pots and pans while trying to find shoes. Savannah would happen upon the knives while getting ready for school.

It was awesome.

This time, though, I have it all figured out.

I’m hiring strangers to come pack up my crap! They’ll wrap my glasses, they’ll fold my clothes, they’ll herd my three cats into a cage. I think they’ll even carry me out on a chair. Well worth the money.

I’m really just trying to do whatever I can to calm my nerves about this move. Because this is a big one.

We’re leaving Orange county…for L.A. county.


I think that’s probably all I can say about that right now because my chest is feeling tight again. The idea of raising my daughter in L.A. county – even if it is a safe little suburb where we’re headed – has taken three years to get used to. But, I know it’s the right move for us. We’ll be closer to family, Savannah will be attending an award-winning school, and we already have close friends living there.

It’s really going to be an instant social life for us. As opposed to the lurching progress we’ve made here with friendships. Which I do want to write about more fully in the near future because I really must articulate my observations of Orange county and its oddly passive aggressive atmosphere or I’ll explode. I’m sure of it.

But, I’ll save that for when I have a new address. Just in case I want to name names.

So, next week we sign the new lease for our new townhouse on the golf course. And I really think this will be the last stop for us. This will be the place where we finally take root. Where we buy a house. Where we expand our family. Where we call home.

Or at least where we make new unsuspecting friends who’ll help us move again.


Suzy said...

Missed you in Blogland so welcome back.

And yeah, L.A.? We have good bagels and that's all I can say.

Laura said...

when we moved, I used colored stickers for "box importance" - in other words, the wine was in a red dot box, and the finger towels we got as a gift from my husband's great-aunt were in a green dot box (as in, we will never even open this box in our next home). Then we wrote K for kitchen, L for living room, D for den, etc (though D for den didn't use my coding system because that's my husband's study and he frankly thought I was nuts - this from a man who "packed" in milk crates and trash bags. Oh, yes.) Anyway - a little nerdy, but it's nice because you don't have to worry about exactly what is in each box with a numbering system, you just have to know which boxes have the really important stuff in them. :) Good luck with your move - I'd help if I didn't live in Ohio. lol

whoorl said...

We move in less than two weeks and I haven't packed A BOX. I'm pregnant, you see! It's dangerous!

I'm sad that you are leaving the land of passive aggression, but I'll remember all those wonderful times we hung out around here. (???)

PaintingChef said...

You will NEVER EVER spend better money than the money you spend to hire someone to pack and move your shit.

We moved two years ago and I told Patrick "We are hiring movers. They are packing our shit. This is the way it is going to be or we are going to get divorced. The end."

Seriously... there is nothing as wonderful as the feeling of walking around your house knowing that boxing all this shit up? Is NOT going to be your job.

Besides... if they break something? It gets replaced!!

Jeni said...

We're a military family and we move every two years. Someone always comes and moves it all for us. Every move that I've bought pizza for the movers, not a thing was broken, and they didn't dawdle. The one time I forgot- eh, not so good. Just a suggestion.

Lena said...

@Jeni - Good idea! I'll do that. Especially because the last time we hired movers (when we moved from No. CA to So. CA), I looked out the window to see the movers sitting in my driveway on my living room couch drinking Cokes from my fridge and eating chips from my pantry that I DID NOT GIVE THEM.

Definitely pizza this time.

anne nahm said...

*hugs* My mom always numbered the boxes according to room, going clockwise from the entrance.

shawnap said...

I haven't moved in forever and that was before having 2 kids so I'm no help there. However, since I'll still be here in the O.C., I can't, can't, can't wait to read what you have to say!!

Issa said...

I'm kind of laughing at the finding knifes instead of shoes. I did that, the color coordinated boxes, when we moved to Colorado. Yeah, the stickers fall off. Also? I found my master list in the microwave after about a week of living here.

I hope it's a great move for you guys. And dang it....I want some baby details woman. ;)

Shannon said...

So, we are also moving and we are doing it up right! The movers come this Friday to pack up our shit. I am so with you on this one. Us packing = divorce and no sex for at least a month before due to stress so hubby was all over hiring professionals (For the moving part, not the sex part!)

Then off to England where I can worry until my container arrives in one piece!

Pass the wine please!

Sugar said...

Good luck with move! I'm going to have to move soon too & I'm really really not looking forward to it.

Glad you've found a home town though. That must be a good feeling.

M said...

Glad to see you when you move, your blog doesn't. So, please keep us updated.

BOSSY said...

Close to family counts for so much, so much. Bossy will be thinking positive thoughts for you. When not giggling about your last couple of moving fiascos, snorrrt. xox

Geege said...

Yay Lena!! You're back :)

Y said...

I don't know what you have against San Bernardino County. ANYWAY.

I hope LA treats you better than that A-hole, OC.

Michelle Smiles said...

Good luck! I hate moving...almost tempted to buy the house we rent which I don't particularly like just so that I don't have to move again. But perhaps hiring someone to come and do it for me would make it less painful. Can you pay them to unpack too?

j.sterling said...

wtf are you moving too in la county?!?! i wanna knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

like now.

Erin (Snarke) said...

Moving effing blows... but I envy you for hopefully not having to do it many more times!

I cannot wait until we can afford to hire people to do the moving FOR us because if I never stay up all night packing while my husband plays video games and sleeps, I will not be sad.

Agent P or MamaJan said...

Congratulations, we hired movers for our last move also, same reason -- we couldn't ask our friends again... best thing we ever did. You'll be glad.

Anonymous said...


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fabumom said...

You sound so organized, you can help me move in the Autumn. This will be our fifth move in six years. Vegas, Inland Empire, OC and now LA County (a nice little superb like you). Hopefully this will be our last move, I want to be done by the time my daughter starts kindergarten. Maybe we will have found utopia by then. How do you like LA county compared to the OC?

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