How about Weepy Lotus?

I keep waiting for things to NOT SUCK to write, but... wow. That will be a long time.

So, yeah.

Chris was laid off. (-1)
I'm working full time. (-1)
Which means I have an excuse to buy $19.99 cardigans at Target. (+1)
But, I make about 11 cents an hour. (-1)
And my boss has man boobs. (-1)
And closes his eyes while he talks. (-1)
But, I do have a big office. (+1)
Which shares a wall with the men's restroom where I hear someone throw up every single morning at 10:30. (-1)
And business is slow. (-1)
And I think I'm going to be laid off as well. (-1)
Did I also mention I gained 20 pounds? (-1)
And that I'm too broke to replace all my expensive size 4 clothes with expensive size 8 clothes, so now my closet's full of "missing other piece" and "irregular seams"? (-1)

On the bright side, Savannah did manage to avoid a lice outbreak and I swerved just in time before almost hitting a squirrel this morning, so...things are obviously looking up.

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