Dear Chris,

You didn't cry at our wedding. That's always bugged me.

I couldn't understand why you weren't so overwhelmed by my sparkling tiara and push up corset, not to mention spending the rest of your life with a goddess like myself, that it didn't move you to tears.

Thankfully, you've redeemed yourself throughout the last nine years.

How You Have Made It Up To Me, Let Me Count the Ways:

Thank you for not shoving cake up my nose.

Thank you for letting me convince you that it would take me "years" to get pregnant and agreeing to Stop The Pill...nine months before Savannah was born.

Oh, hi.

Thank you for claiming to "prefer" chipped toenail polish.

Thank you for ending many an argument with "can I make you a latte?".

Thank you for leaving the house with your shoelaces untied. I catch a glimpse of the boy you were. And I love that.

Thank you for seeing that look on my face and pouring me a glass of wine before announcing "I'll take Savannah to the pool".

Thank you for telling me I was "too skinny" when we got married. And making me believe it.

Thank you for our first kiss. On my hand. Before you said goodnight.

Thank you for always making me do the ugly laugh at parties.

Thank you for worrying when I don't call when I'm supposed to.

Thank you for bringing me my heating pad. (And I'm sorry for the things I said the time you wrongly assumed I needed it.)

Thank you for always convincing me it's their problem. Because they're jealous.

Thank you for spooning with me even though it makes your shoulder fall asleep.

Thank you for responding to my hysterical meltdowns by vacuuming. It's always the right answer, by the way.

Thank you for letting me get just one more cat. Three times.

Thank you for making our daughter laugh in a way that I never can.

Thank you for apologizing when I think you won't.

Thank you for asking me every day if I've written so you can go read it.

Thank you for every time we're with friends pointing at me and saying "Now, this one" before launching into some absurdly generous compliment.

Thank you for nodding thoughtfully at all the right parts during my stories.

Thank you for talking me down when Dr. Google diagnoses me with a fatal disease.

Thank you for not getting mad when you should, like that time I was supposed to grab a quick dinner with friends and ended up in San Diego until 2:00 a.m. (We can laugh about that now...right?)

Thank you for this morning. For coming full circle. By hugging me with tears in your eyes and a smile as you said "Happy anniversary. I was just thinking about how much I love you." And you were crying. Yes.

Thank you for trying. Every day. To give me everything I've ever wanted. You already have.


PomJob said...

That's beautiful. I constantly hear that marriage is a lot of hard work. And then I hear of or experience from a distance a divorce and it makes me lose hope that I'll ever find my happily ever after if so many decide they aren't content with the happily ever after they've already found. Your story restores that lofty idea of a truly happy marriage, even if it is a lot of work. Happy anniversary!

Type (little) a said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys got married on my birthday! See, you knew it was a significant day...

Y said...

Happy Anniversary to my favorite couple. Besides Doug and Carrie, of course.

"you didn't just save my life. You made my life worth saving."

HA. love you!

flutter said...

This is lovely, congrats to you

Stephanie D. said...

Happy Anniv to you both. :)

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

What a beautiful post. Your husband sounds like a sweetheart.

And yes - vacuuming is the answer to everything.

Janssen said...

Oh, you got a winner! I'm so happy for you both. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Beautiful post and photos!

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome. I seriously almost cried... of course, I'm in need of a heating pad ( ;-) ) so that may have contributed to the misty eyes, but it was still beautiful.

alice said...

That's simply beautiful. Congratulations to both of you!

C Dekcer said...

Very cool post. Loved it! Just started reading your blog recently and I look forward to it. It never disappoints!

Chelle said...

Happy anniversary and, damn! You made a beautiful bride.

Michelle Smiles said...

So sweet. I'm going to go hug my hubby now.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Lovely post :^)

DianaCLT said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! <3

We just celebrated 10 years in April. It's amazing how fast it went, isn't it?

So happy that you married your soulmate, nine years ago today! <3

rebcram said...

Happy anniversary! We have our 10-year on Friday.

P.S. fun meeting you at Sarah's Gap party. :)

Cowboy Killer said...

Ok... You made me cry. I want what you guys have, does he by any chance have a brother? Who likes mostly crazy chicks?

mouthy_broad said...

very lovely. i love these types of posts b/c i think it is a great way to remember who you love and why.

Gerik said...

Happy anniversary Lena!

You made me cry. Not at first. But that last line- when he came full circle.

I'm going to go and hug my husband. And maybe write him a love note.

Geri K

Nicole B said...

Happy Anniversary! That was the most beautiful thing I have ever read! You really give hope that marriage is a great thing and not something to just sustain. Thank you!

jennster said...

this is the best post ever. omg, i love it. the pictures are great.. the words are greater. :)

mpotter said...

how very touching.
great photos, too.

thanks for letting us in.
happy anniversary!
here's to forever.....

(our 7th anniversary is coming up, hmmm wish i had a way with words as you do!)

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