Oh my God, save me from the serious people!

Did you know that there are professional people out there who, like, call you while you’re on a playdate and email you when you want to write on your blog and fax you when you want to watch Dancing With the Stars? They call themselves clients and they want you to, like, work when they pay you.

Very annoying.

So, I've been over here having conference calls and meetings and doing fancy stuff with numbers and while this new job could easily consume every waking hour if I let it...I admit...I miss you.

The last few weeks I have given myself permission to just immerse myself in my new life. Do you forgive me?

I admit it has been nice to actually finish a conversation in the school parking lot without walking backwards toward my car while doing it. To pick up Savannah and head to the library willy-nilly. To actually go to the gym and flap my arms around rather than let my ass swallow my desk chair. To use my computer for work rather than YouTube.

My new job demanded that I put writing on the back burner, but honestly I needed the push. I needed to be forced to take a much needed break. If I hadn't there is no doubt my blogs would have died on the vine. Which would have been sad...and moldy.

Sadly, my break meant giving up some writing obligations, but I know that it was the right thing to do. Less is more or something like that.

I am slowly finding a balance between my new business, spending time with my daughter, spending time with myself (translation: watching The Bachelor), unpacking (I am still retrieving towels from the garage) and my passion: writing.

So, bear with me, Internet. And as a token of my gratitude, I will let each of you tell me how pretty I am.


Anonymous said...

You ARE very pretty, but that's beside the point. When did you write about this new job thing? I don't remember it. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh Lena, I can't speak for everyone, even though I think everyone feels the same...

I've missed you!

Seriously, I check your blogs daily, hoping for a few words. I wonder what's going on with the snoots at your daughter's school when you don't write...wonder what's going on in the life of Ms. Lotus...

So glad things are going well with your new business, and look forward to hearing more about it in..dare I say...the near future...? Perhaps? In blog form? ;)

Glad you're finding a balance!

Holly {ArtistMotherTeacher} said...

Is that Freebooter you're using in your masthead?

Anonymous said...

Missed you, girlfriend! Glad your new business is going well and that you have friends to chat with at Savannah's school. I am right there with you on the annoying work calls, e-mails and faxes during play time. I work from home and have to keep my cell phone handy at all times in case a client has a question. When I have kids screaming near me during the call (and I can't just run away from them at Chuck E. Cheese) I explain: "I'm sorry, I'm working from home today." I don't tell them that I'm always working from home... or the PARK!

Musings of a Housewife said...

I've missed you, but you sound GREAT! Fulfilled, happy! Good for you! :-)

Bunny said...

You ARE so pretty. And I have missed you. But really glad to hear about all the new and exciting things goin gon!

Anonymous said...

You are very purty.

And we miss you at Mamapop. Because of Friday Eye Candy and Matthew. And your take on the Bachelor each week (seriously? He kept Bettina?)

But glad you're finding a balance. And it sounds like it is going well!

Butrfly Garden said...

Heh. Totally get it. I have to take a lot of time off this month, too. I still spend plenty of time on the computer...probably more than I still should...but not as much as I did. Baby steps, baby steps.

It's funny that every time I think, "Hey, where the hell is Lena??" you post again. Like Blogephthy. Or something.

You need the same thing I need. Enjoy what your *new* life is bringing you. But don't forget to tell us about it every so often.

Loralee Choate said...

You smell like flowers, too.

Lena said...

Kristabella - THANK. YOU. What is UP with keeping Bettina?? Am flummoxed. And I don't use that word lightly. Or at all. Until just now.

Misty said...

The nerve of clients...
Really though, I am glad that you can feel a sense of balance. that is unbelievably important! The next important thing is tell those people to stop faxing during DWTS!

Anonymous said...

I miss you too, which is sad because you're in my "Top 5 Faves" on my cellular device.

But, whatever, clients throw money at you. I just tell you about how my kidneys hurt and how I don't want to be on TV!

Anonymous said...

"Clients throw money at you?"

That's totally not what I meant to say.

Unless, of course, your new job is one in which you dance on a pole.

And even if that was your new job, do they actually THROW money on the stage? I don't think that they do.

I meant to say "pay you money."

Or something like that.

p.s. no double dipping. [doug voice]bladder infections[/doug voice]

Melodee said...

You are so pretty!

And smart!

Anonymous said...

Well, aren't you a pretty thing! And such a good head on your shoulders, too!

I've missed you, girlie - don't stay away so long!!

Anonymous said...

You're working and I've been looking for ways to avoid work!

Glad you're back -- I miss lurking here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lena,
Glad to hear things are going well, but I hope you don't abandon all of us in the 'blog-o-sphere.' I really enjoy your blog... i've really missed you!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare leave us that long again!!!


mamatulip said...

You are SO PRETTY!!

Heather said...

I completely understand. I started a new gig where I actually work outside of the home and they expect me to do something other than read blogs.



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