Did You Know That Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus Are the Same Person? Rip Off.

Okay, Miss Smarty Pants Internet.

More later, including What 10,000 12-Year-Olds Sound Like When Their Heads Are Exploding, How Old Are the Jonas Brothers Because I Probably Should Be Arrested and Why I Can't Ever Find Where I'm Supposed To Go Unless Someone Takes My Hand and Guides My Tearful Self?

I'll be back soon with all the glorious photographic evidence...

(and not in three weeks, Kate).

P.S. Meet my new best friend.


Y said...

Your new best friend?

I didn't know that I was so easy to replace.

What? I was never your best friend?



Bunny said...

Ooh, I LOVE that Tracey Clark. She is amazing.

prescott said...

Not only tickets, but a VIP pass? You must share the secret to how you obtained the tween Holy Grail.

tracey said...

kisses to you too.

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