No Title Because Chris Is Standing Here Reminding Me That I Made Him Leave Work Early So We Could LEAVE

We're headed to the Bay Area today to attend my cousin’s wedding.

(So, if you'd like to come over and watch Sex & the City reruns while eating Wheat Thins and petting the cat with your foot, feel free. Then it will be business as usual around here.)

I can’t decide if I’m more excited about seeing all of my friends and family or about being able to sit uninterrupted for six hours to eat Road Trip Food and read my People magazine.

Everyone I tell reacts the same, “Oh, you’re driving? Gross.” To which I pretend to roll my eyes in agreement and somehow blame Chris’ work schedule. But, really I am looking forward to the crazy long drive because it is the only way to get me away from the endless beckoning of my mother ship, the laptop.

In other news, I’ve been tasked with doing the centerpieces for the wedding! Which I sort of haven’t finished! And the wedding is in 36 hours! Awesome. (My cousins second that awesome feeling right now, I would bet.) (Hi guys! Don’t worry! I have candles! And tulle! And some sort of glue! And also lots of wine!)

I’m thinking maybe something with pomegranates?

If you have any ideas, feel free to chime in. My creativity begins and ends with a helium machine and a handful of balloons. And even then I spend more time doing chipmunk impressions than actually creating anything. I’m helpful like that. Which my family is well aware of. Now that I think about it, they probably just told me to create centerpieces to give me something to do. (Those are lovely, Lena! What a great job! We’ll put them riiiight over here. By the coats.)

Obviously, my cousin is just using me for our mad dancing skills together.

Here's to hoping we class it up for his wedding day. I make no promises.

I shall steal away briefly this weekend to upload pictures. Because if I don’t share his wedding with the internet, did it really even happen?? Talk amongst yourselves.

P.S. Locking-myself-out-of-a-burning-house story coming soon!


Misty said...

i love road trips, and honestly prefer them to any other form of travel. I think there is simplicity in hopping in the car and going. much simpler, anyhow, than parking at the air port, checking in, going through security, sitting, boarding a plane, having a layover, repeating it again... waiting for luggage... blah blah blah. After all of that, you are likely halfway there, less tired and much happier!

janet said...

I dumped a pile of limes on a rattan placemat and called them centerpieces for my wedding. Add candles on the side and voila! you will get lots of compliments.

Mimi said...

I would love to take a road trip with my husband...have so much fun!! I can't tell you how much I'm loving your blog (by the way)!

At my wedding I just floated some flowers in a bowl and threw down some candles. I think it might have been less than $20 a table. make a pit stop at Michael's.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Have fun!! Road trip + husband = always fun. As long as you don't get lost. Then, not so much.
Our centerpieces were little silver cups of bright-colored daisies. My wedding theme was "garish". It was fun.

iheartchocolate said...

Have fun Lena! That picture of you is so pretty!

verybadcat said...

Lena, if this advice is not too late- put taper or pillar candles inside those glass cover thingys for oil lamps. Put flowers and fruit in a ring around the bottom. Voila!

Also, you could get tall vases and fill with fruit and sticks, and then some fresh flowers. It sounds bad, but if you do it right, it's actually very pretty.

Anonymous said...

We drive down to Florida from Connecticut just about every year. Over 2 days. 3 kids.

And it actually goes very well - we really like the driving thing. I like the dvd player in the van and the wireless connection - I can go online from the road. I'm sick that way.

Have a GREAT time!

Butrfly Garden said...

I like driving. That is, when it's to somewhere exciting. Not work. I hate driving to work. It's also more eco-friendly to drive the six hours than to ride a jet.

I have no advice because I have no idea what to do with centerpieces and was going to ask someone else to take care of it. And you're scaring me.

robyn said...

i vote pile of tulle on each table with a candle in the center, and hope it doesn't all catch on fire!

and i bet it would actually look amazing!

(and if you're sold on pomegranates, just add it to the tulle)!

spin.lizzy said...

I call the couch! I'll bring my own Wheat Thins so as not to deplete your stash.

Bobealia... said...

Rocks in big cylinder shaped vases from Ikea with flowers floating on top. Do whatever with the tulle...

Bobealia... said...

Oh and floaty candles...

Bobealia... said...

Oh... and I forgot to say the part about the water on top of the rocks...

Anonymous said...





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