Home Is Where the Hard Is

I'm literally bawling over here at your comments, you guys. If you were all in my kitchen right now, it would be Cheddar Bunnies and ice cream for everyone! (I may be broke, but I know how to throw a party.)

This week has been a test run for the rest of my life. After four years of being together every day, Chris started his new job yesterday and, get this, they won't let me come with him! I know, very weird.

Then my mother decided that with Savannah starting Kindergarten next month, she would make this week Grandma Summer Camp and so Savannah is gone all week.

In other words, I'M ALL ALONE!

(If you're an intruder, I have a very large and protective dog.)

(She's obviously dangerous; she takes down dinosaurs.)

So far this week I've been busying myself with moving type errands, which wouldn't be so bad were it not for the fact that I've had to wrestle Chris' rustic Jeep all around town. I graciously insisted that my Tahoe would be a better vehicle in which for him to commute to work. Little did I know that it would be a thousand degrees this week in southern Calif*rnia.

And here's a little known fact if you've known me less than ten minutes: I'm allergic to the sun. As in, I get blistering rashes all over my face if the sun touches it for more than a few minutes. So, I'm sure you can imagine what a stellar move it was to try to drive a roofless car in the desert. I looked like I had some sort of spastic disorder with the waving of the arms and the bobbing of the head trying to dodge the sun. Which, by the way, doesn't work because, well, the sun is sort of big.

Here's another little known fact: Your lettuce will blow out of the back of the Jeep and so will your US magazine. Even if they're buckled in a seat belt. Good. To. Know.

Aaaand I still am the unhappy owner of one unsellable house.

So, there you have it. Today's status is "Screwed". Hopefully to be upgraded tomorrow to "Confused".

The worst part is I'm doing all of this without having Chris' cute head in my peripheral vision anymore. I can't be expected to just quit his presence cold-turkey.

I need to transition.


Butrfly4404 said...

first, I have to say: you need to STOP with the empty ice cream promises. It's been nearly a week since I had my edy's slow churned and these fking sugar free fudgesicles JUST don't cut it.

Okay, now that I got that over with: you almost made me pee my pants with the bear.

Sorry you're feeling lonely. It will start getting *normal* soon enough. I would totally make him switch cars, though. How are you supposed to get anything done? Totally.

janet said...

okay, laughing so hard here, on so many levels. laughing WITH you though, not AT you, mmmk?

also, wondering how funny it would be if I saw a random fresh head of lettuce and new USWeekly just sittin by the side of the road.

lizinsumner said...

Lena, sweetie - do NOT feel sheepish - your situation is just as real and just as painful as mine was! I shared it with you because I wanted you to know that people do come out on the other end - often times for the better. My son was 7-9 years old when that was all happening - now he's 13 and we're doing just fine. Sometimes I feel guilty that we're in an apartment and not a house, and that that makes me a failure - but, I'm doing the best I can. Where we live (in Sumner, Washington), well, we have a nice, safe place and his schools are good ones; my job at Boeing (almost 30 years now!) is a huge blessing; we have our church and our friends and our health; I'm saving money again - it's all good. As for the bruised credit - not so bad, I just save up and pay cash! I keep no credit cards and owe nothing but my car payment ('04 Honda CRV) and it's such a free feeling. Two years ago, I flew Jake (my son) and I to Disneyland for a 4 day vacation, and this summer we're going again, but this time driving with a friend of mine and her son. I still miss my mother every day, but she was so sick (end stage diabetes, end stage renal failure, dialysis, etc.) that when she died, it was her choice - she simply refused dialysis and 10 days later, she was gone. My husband left because I was too busy working and taking care of her and our son to have much time for him, but I don't regret any of my choices.....and neither should you regret any of yours. Keep your family together, and do whatever you need to do, and you'll all be fine! Keep asking for the "loss mitigation" deparment on those mortgages - sooner or later someone will put you through. Hang in there - and I promise you, someday you'll look back on it all and be able to feel a real sense of pride and accomplishment and survival!!!!

Amy said...

i think the bear is a nice resemblence to your husband :)

Virenda said...

Is Chris okay that you dressed the bear in his favorite purple dress?

blog Portland said...

Virenda is a comment thief.

That is all.

Lena said...

butrfly - So true. I am a snack tease.

jen from boston said...

the exchange w/ mortgage rep made MY ears steam. Seriously, the double talk is scripted? the whole payment plan to brin gyou current/my mortgage IS current/we don't do settlements/that's funny, can you get my in touch with the person reviewing our settlement - I would seriously lose my shit.

Hopefully today is better...what's the bear's suggestion for all this?

oh, and I found your US Weekly.

MommasWorld said...

I am a single parent and have a very loving family. Everyone offers to give me a little break during the summer months. Little break = take children for a week or more.

I do not handle things very well when my children are away. I need them home. They do not all need to be in the same room as me all the time. I just need to hear them laughing, running around upstairs or shutting the door to the sunroom or the back yard. Giving me a break is not a rational reason for my children to visit with relatives. I do let my children visit with relatives because it is good for my children to have the experience. It is horrid for me when they are not around. I know how that feels.

It does suck that the company will not let you go with Chris. If Savannah is with Grandma this week I do not see why you cannot be with Chris near his new job.

The Mortgage company. Yes we love the script readers. I usually tell them “You do not get paid enough to listen to me yell at you. And I am about to start a rant that will make you run for the door. Get. Your. Supervisor. NOW!”

MommasWorld said...

Spreading some cheer your way today! Come get your Award! Why? Because you ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried asking the robots for the supervisor right off? When I'm in that situation with any company, I say to the first person that answers the phone: "There's someone running around there with a suit on- put them on the phone. I don't like to take things out on CSR's."

Works with everyone except WildBlue Satellite Internet Provider. They will just laugh at you. Which is why I have dial up at home right now.

Geege said...

Oh Lena...I just wanna come and give you a hug...Not in a creepy, internet stalker way though. I just feel for you :)

Lena said...

Thanks Mommasworld!

Schnozz said...

I've been out of town, so I missed that last post until today, but I just wanted to say that this too shall pass. Regardless of the financial circumstances, I think you'll feel a lot better living where you want to!

JP said...

The good news is, July is National Ice Cream Month. Celebrate your local dairy farmers with 100 percent less guilt! Ice cream consumed this month is calorie-free.

Heather B. said...

I'm taking deep breaths for you right now. I cannot even begin to fathom how difficult this all has been for you. Though you convey it all well, I'm just becoming very frustrated as well and I might have to live with my parents forever. That's how stressed out your situation is making me.

Anyway, like schnozz said, it WILL pass, but for now UGH! I want to buy you a drink or ten.

Michelle said...

Oh Lena. You make me laugh so hard. With you of course.

I think you're on the right track. call me crazy, but you seem to be your old self again.

Best of luck!


Katie said...

We are in the EXACT SAME POSITION right now. I hate banks. I hate houses. You know what? We were renting the cutest house before we bought too!


heather said...

A similar thing happened to us a few years ago. We weren't moving by choice (military) but the situation was almost the same. Our house finally sold-and since then has sold again for $80k more than what we sold it for. Gotta love the market on the coasts. Good luck with your house-I know everything will work out!

Bobealia... said...

I've been away for a while, but I just read this post and the one below. Things are moving fast in your life. Thank god for uncles with good advice. I'm glad you've made a decision. I'm glad you've learned about buckling in your US magazine. I hope it works out for you. Have you thought of UV clothes? I think there are some cute ones out there these days...

My Minivan Is Faster Than Yours said...

I feel so bad for you when I read your posts, but mostly I just feel guilty because they make me laugh so hard! Your humor rocks!

Good luck getting rid of the house :). Oh, and on getting your lettuce back, of course.

Suzie said...

Hi Lena,
just wanted to say, you are not alone with this stuff. We started a shortsale for our condo, no default on payments yet, just anticipating, but then saw that it was not a better solution, so canceled that. But the bank WAMU just continued and closed our mortgage account and equity account and sent us a letter that we are in default now. It took me many similar phone conversations and letters to get the accounts set up again. Unfortunately now my credit report shows major default and that takes another round of sweat to get it all corrected.
And still stuck in the condo with such a high payment, I could rent a great big house with pool in this area...... We made the same mistakes but learned (hopefully).
Hang in there.

elise said...

The Script Robots. Genius! And I hate them.

Oh, The Joys said...

Why do the mortgage people make us feel like we've called the offices of Mr. Monty Pyton?!! WTF? They must hang up and howl with laughter at their funny sh*t.

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