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I woke up Saturday morning in a foul mood. Which was weird because on Friday night I felt happy and positive. Chris and I and Savannah went out for Mexican food and I had two margaritas. One was happy. One was positive. Ha!

But, then Saturday morning I felt sad and mopey and I went downstairs and sat in our front window and looked out on the very presentable street (sans crazy people) and admired our lush green lawn and silently wondered why no one wants to buy my house.

Then the phone rang.

We had a full price offer.

Hearing those words from our realt*r caused me to spontaneously hang up on her - I'm still not sure why - and run upstairs where Chris was in the shower.

"What news would make our lives so much better right now?"

"Getting an offer."

"A full price offer!"

We were overjoyed. I called the realt*r back and we made plans to meet an hour later to respond to the offer.

In that hour I was a ball of emotions. I felt relieved and I felt very sad. This is the only home my daughter has ever known. Our best friends live right down the street. While we know we must move, there is still sorrow when it becomes a reality.

So, I decided I'd write a letter! Of course I did! I wrote the buyer a letter telling her that I had hoped so much to turn this house over to someone that would take care of it the way we have.

I told her that this house is full of so much love and so many memories.

I told her that we like to walk home from dinner on warm summer nights.

I told her we like to ride our bikes through the wine country. (We totally would have too if Chris had put air in my tires.)

I typed and cried and purged.

When the realt*r arrived, I gave her my letter to include in our response. That is when she told us that the buyer's realt*r admitted that they were also submitting an offer on another house.


But, our realt*r assured us that both she and her buyer "loved" our house and thought it was "gorgeous". They referred to it as "the cottage house" and given the information our realt*r has, she was sure that they were just "low-balling" on the other house and that ours was the one to which she was truly committed.

We responded with a counter-offer that addressed an item regarding her closing costs. We sent it off along with my letter and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

That was Saturday.

It is now Monday evening.

Countless phone calls to the buyer's realt*r later and we are all left scratching our heads. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. I want to believe that someone who "loves" my house and reads a letter where I pour my heart out about leaving it, would have the decency to let me know that she changed her mind.

Did you even know this was possible?

I'm assuming that the offer on the other house was accepted, to her surprise. I'm assuming that she's thrilled that in this soft market, she was able to score a deal with a desperate seller. I'm assuming that this was all a cruel joke.

I'm assuming this is why the dog had diarrhea all over the carpet.

I think it also contributed to Chris walking around our house this weekend in front of our guests with a bottle of whiskey and a shot glass while referring to himself as "White Stallion".

As one of them laughingly said the next morning, "I can't unsee what I saw last night".

We are not handling this well.

Updated: She chose the other house. Her realt*r didn't know how to break it to us, so she avoided us altogether. Our realt*r had to corner her this morning to get an answer. Unbelievable.


Janssen said...

Oh, wow. . .this entry broke my heart. I'm wishing hard that it'll go through.

Mere said...

Ouch. I would NEVER let a client write 2 offers. Technically they could buy 2 houses. And THAT is bullshit. Commit to one and go with it.

Chris said...

That's "The White Stallion". The definite article gives it the right horse power.

Jenny said...

Ugh. Sucks. Sorry

MommasWorld said...

Relax, it might be a couple who put in the offer and they are weighing their opionions on who is right, who will win this argument on where they will live. How much work and money they will have to put into the other house. Who knows, maybe the other house is less expensive but might not have all the options and potential your house has. Let us hope they see the light (your house is better for them) and they stop proceeds with the other house. Nothing is final until the other shoe/house drops.

Anonymous said...

That is a terrible realtor I think you have.

Why would she let them do that? Make two offers? What if she got both offers accepted...That's just ridiculous and unfair and mean. And selfish. Now I'm pissed.

Corey said...

I don't get it, if she gave you an offer and you accepted, isn't that a contract? A binding contract?

Anonymous said...

It SO sucks to live in limbo land. Those rollercoaster emotions - been there, chicky. SO, so sorry you have to go through it.
Hopefully you'll hear soon.
Keep your sense of humor up. Meanwhile, I'll drink my wine in honor of you guys tonight...

Butrfly4404 said...

I agree, that was just a crappy thing for the realtor to do. Very under-handed.

That's why I don't get excited about stuff. Of course, my life is rather un-exciting, but I hate getting my hopes up and having them dashed.

Kate said...

I feel like time in real-estate-land moves slower than regular life... You wait for an offer, while I wait for the right house to come on the market. We both feel like screaming "NOW! NOW! NOW!" I just know your house is going to sell (by God, if it was listed in Minneapolis, I would have an offer in already) but other people's words don't really make it all move faster... I really hope that the offer goes through.

Brillig said...

Oh, how devastating. I'm so sorry. (And I'm in the house-hunting process myself and we'd NEVER be allowed to make two offers! I can't believe that!!!)

Who knows? The other may yet not go through! Or a much better person with perhaps a teeny bit more integrity will come along.

We're all rooting for you! You know that, right?

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm usually a lurker but wanted to post my SYMPATHIES. As the wife of a realtor, I know just how crappy some realtors can be. I am so sorry that you guys got your hopes up only to have them crushed. Hang in there, I'm sure pulling for you guys!

Stephanie (in GA)

Nancy said...

Oh, yuck, Lena. I am so sorry you are continuing to have to go through this hell.

Becky said...

Damn. Unbelievable is right.

Who the hell writes multiple offers in a sellers' market? Her agent should be shot.

The Cat said...

Life really wasn't meant to be easy was it.

Allison said...

So ridiculously sad. I have been waiting for an update wondering to see if you have finally got an offer. I'm sorry to read that things fell through.

I have to admit watching you and MelissaS of Suburban Bliss both struggle to sell your homes has me terrfied of ever owning a home! I'm sending you both good karmic vibrations!

Christina said...

De-lurking to say I am so sorry Lena! Continuing to send good thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...

Very much not right. Stupid, stupid realtor b*tch.

Jessica said...

Oh my dear. Can I love your writing any more?

Hang in there!

Kristin said...

Ouch... I am sorry Lena.

Lena said...

The buyer's realtor allowed her to place 2 offers. I have no idea why. But, my realtor was at her mercy.

Lena said...

Corey - We didn't give her an acceptance. We countered, but only about something small (small to her, big to us). Her realtor said our counter was "totally doable".


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