Lake Pictures! Because the Lake Is Definitely Not My House!

You can pretty much just read this post and that will fill you in on what's been going on lately. People offer low. We counter high (yet, still below market). They are never to be heard from again. Rinse and repeat.

So, let's talk about pleasant things, can we?

Like, how we went to the lake with friends this weekend.

Me, Myself and Vi

Where I drank way too many Mike's Hard Berry's and started wearing the kids' entertainment.

No, I have not seen your frisbee disc!
No, I have not seen your frisbee! Stop asking!

Go away now thanks bye!
Mmm. Nitrates.

I brought 1800 buns, yet a spatula never occurred to me.

Cave Men
A flattened Guiness container is handy!

Or a bottle opener.

Oh...was I supposed to bring the bottle opener?
Just before slicing his thumb open with a key. Here Gilbert! Have a bun!

Then of course we played drunk badminton. Which, incidentally, is much more fun than regular badminton because when you lose the birdy, you start using Oreos!

It was good to laugh and see Chris relax for the first time in a year and just hang out. In the sun, I should add. Which was so not okay since I am AllergenGirl. I've had scales on my face ever since. And I think I may possibly be growing a tail. I scare me.

What else is new? Oh! We are very tricky and clever and decided to take the house off the market for two whole days. This way we can relist on Friday and shock and amaze a buyer with our new-listing-ness. I know it's weak, but you've seen my other ideas and well, I think my dog and the deer would fight.

In other news, Savannah lost her first tooth!


It only took three weeks of daily prodding, but it finally came out at story time at the library. Which, can I tell you what it means when your child hits a milestone at story time at the freaking library? It means you sound like the most rockingest parent ever. Because you listen to them call every grandparent and aunt to announce "I lost my tooth during story time at the library!".

And do you know what every family member is hearing? They're hearing "my mother is very actively involved in my upbringing and exposes me to good clean fun on a regular basis". What it doesn't say is "my mom is on the interweb all day while I serve myself soup from dented cans". And that is a good thing.

She's got a second loose one on the way. I think I'm going to take her to the Art & History Museum and bring pliers.

I will leave you with this: Would you like to know what the most awkward situation is? It's the one where you cancel your last session with your trainer claiming to have a "conference call" and then you're in the McDonalds drive-thru 10 minutes later shouting your McGriddle order into the intercom when you look up and see his face in your rear view mirror. With one eyebrow raised.

Now it's official. We have to move.


chirky said...

But the question is: what was YOUR TRAINER doing at MCDONALDS??

Bad, bad, bad trainer!!

Jenny said...

Maybe you were having your conference call in the car? Ha! So there Mr. Trainer... AT MCDONALD'S!

Mrs. Davis said...

We are getting ready to buy (in a totally different market) and I keep reading your house posts hoping that we will find someone as eager to sell as you are. And then I think about karma, and what could happen to me when we try to sell in 3 or 5 or however many years.

Anyway, I'm thinking of you pretty much every day. Hoping you get a good offer. And hoping someone will except nice low offer from us (again, in a totally different market).

Mrs. Davis said...

OMG that's accept, not except. Hi, I'm a writer. For reals.

EE said...

I'm sure Mr. Trainer is used to "conference call" cancellations.

Summer said...

The trainer caught you at McDonalad's?!?! What was he doing there? You should have raised one (perfectly arched) eyebrow at HIM!

The relist trick is a good one. You will sell, keep up the good work!

Butrfly4404 said...

Relisting is a great idea! I'm telling you, desperation looks just as bad on home sellers as it does on single people. Make them want YOU honey! (And my only advice for this is have something yummy baked right before your next open house - I'm lame, sorry). My neighbors have had theirs on the market for almost a year straight. And they had to move because the guy lost his job, so at least you are doing much better than some.

I have a couple Mike's sitting in the bottom of my fridge still. And they will continue to sit there because...They have 237 calories EACH. I just found that out yesterday or I wouldn't have drank the other ten.

Looks like you had a blast at the lake. Glad you got to take your mind off stuff for a while!

Y said...

I love that girl, she's so sweet.

Just curious. Did you do anything else this weekend? Like, I don't know, see me play with Jay Mohr's mustache?

haha. I just had to say it, because my mouth is still watering.

Virenda said...

Exactly chirky. What kinda of trainer is in the drive-thru?

The lake was a ton of fun, even if I did have to retrieve 10,000 balls from the swamp of death.

:0) I hope re-listing helps you.

Julie said...

So cool you guys could have a good time and just relax. I bet you sell now! Like getting pregnant!

Not. ;)

Christina said...

Have you tried a tanning bed to try to get "over" the sun allergy? Last spring I went on vacation without tanning first and ended up with a horrible rash. This year I went to a tanning bed for 2 weeks before my spring vacation and got the rash again but just kept tanning anyway. By the time we got to our vacation I was tanned and "over" the rash. It's been almost 2 months since then and I lay out almost every weekend and it's never come back. I lover your blog by the way!

blog Portland said...

You are a wonderful mess Lena. And apparently soon to be wonderful mess/lizard women.

Marcia said...

I kind of want to marry your trainer.

Bobealia... said...

Yeh, I bet you forgot to raise your eyebrow right back. So his client cancelled and he drives straight to Mickey D's?

Linda (Sama) said...

although I'm child-free....great blog! you sound like a snarky broad a la ME!


Karen said...

I wish I was at the lake with you guys! I rule at badminton!

What is new with your house Lena? ANYTHING??

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