Things I Love To...


  • The old man who occasionally stands dazed at the entrance to our development with his pants unzipped. (Why, of course he started doing this as soon as we listed our house. Do you even need to ask?)
  • Weekday Storytime at the library that you need to show up an hour early for, because there is nothing else to do in this town... unless you need something at Target.
  • My gas tank that is never ever not on empty as we race to Weekday Storytime.
  • Max. Yes, I know it's not okay to hate a baby bunny. But, why must Ruby put up with his incessant dumbassery?
  • That they haven't yet invented self-washing sheets.
  • That my trainer keeps calling to "schedule our week". (Um, Monday's no good. How about never? Does never work for you?)
  • Not being asked for i.d. last weekend when I was obviously buying enough alcohol to contribute to the delinquency of an entire high school football team. (Oh, do dream on, Lena.)
  • 5:00. Will it ever stop being the time of day that makes my ears bleed from all the whining?
  • Enlarged pores.
  • Pottery Barn for making me feel like a complete ass that I've ever thrown any of Savannah's artwork away.
  • Lost. I am over it. Completely. Except I'll watch one more episode. And then that is the last.


  • The inability to count how many cookies I've had when I eat the batter.
  • The way Savannah tricks me into playing a game. (Okay, mommy, I know you can't play right now. Okay....Just hold this card for a minute while I roll the dice.)
  • King of Queens. Watching Kevin James and Leah Remini play out my exact marriage, so that Chris and I can laugh at each other freely, has all but replaced couples therapy.
  • Yoga pants: The New "Mom Sweats". Does my belly ever need to encounter a zipper again? I think not.
  • How I'm pretending I can't wait for Savannah to start kindergarten already so I can have my days back, geez. Complete with an eye roll and everything. (I think I might be able to psyche myself out by August, you guys. I really do.)
  • That yesterday Savannah said she wishes she could get back inside my tummy. (Me too, my love. I would do so much better this time around; I promise.)
  • Your comments. (Shameless!)


wordgirl said...

I saw that there are now Max and Ruby beanie babies. As if the world needed more beanie babies.

Jennifer said...

Ahh, self washing sheets would RULE!

What is up with these damn enlarged pores? HATE them, too.

And, comments are my life.

Janssen said...

HA! Loved the shameless plug for comments. And eating a ball of cookie dough that, if cooked, would EQUAL an entire cookie, does not in any way count as a cookie.

Kris H. said...

There are no calories in cookie dough...the calories come from the baking process, so go ahead and eat the whole's like eating air...REALLY!

Ash said...

Excellant listies, Lena.

Butrfly4404 said...

I'm So with you on Max, yoga pants, and not being asked for ID. Girl, I'm 25 and haven't been carded in FOUR YEARS.

Also...I hardly throw any artwork away. I made "Books" out of three-ring binders. Also, Big Art gets hung in my office. The kids love it. They "read" them as often as I'll let them.

August is a while away - and you have ALL SUMMER to have So Much Fun that you'll be ready for it!

Misha said...

I love these lists! So much so, that I stole the idea :)... and stole your "enlarged pores" item. Ugh.

Andrea said...

I LOVE King of Queens too! I hardly ever see anyone talk about it either.

And the yoga pants are dual purpose - you can sleep in them too! Not that I have. ;)

jen from boston said...

the episode where Kevin James shows his wife how to properly pole dance will go down as one of the finet, mist brilliant moments in televised history.

Katie said...

You do lists well my dear.

The old man outside your development has me rolling!

Queen of the Run-on Sentence said...

Of course eating cookie dough doesnt count becuase you eat it standing up at the counter and everyone knows anything eaten while standing erect or even a little stooped over is totally without calories.
Yeah I am going to steal your list idea...there it is out in the open.

Serenity Now! said...

Do you still hate Lost after this episode?

I think I do.

GoPackGo said...

That damn Pottery Barn. Ugh, the guilt.....

Brillig said...

Just discovered your site. Hilarious! Love the list. I couldn't agree more with the cookie thing...

Tracey said...

I loathe max and ruby - she needs to turn him over to the courts.

And I was secretly dissapointed that Heather Mills leg didn't come flying off because I'm evil!

limpy99 said...

Sometimes, when starvation is imminent, rabbit mothers will devour their young.

There's hope for Ruby yet.

Jody said...

My son started talking like Max.. and I tell you, if I didn't hate Max before.. this did it!! I threatened to take Max and Ruby away and that cured him.. he know's I mean business ever since he started acting like Caillou (ugh the thought makes me cringe) and he hasn't watched it since! Caillou has to be the most annoying cartoon character ever! I'm still trying to figure out why these cartoons with annoying, bratty, get-away-with-everything characters are in existence!??! Ok.. so there are worse things.. but they really annoy me. :)

Lena you rock! Your blogs are a highlight to my days.. I can't wait to get my blog alert emails each day.. or so. :) Thank you!

Lena said...

Hmmm. I have to admit LOST is pulling me back in. It's like an abusive boyfriend!!!

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