Mexi Ho 2007 - Part Done

Wouldn't it be funny if I spent hundreds of dollars on clothes and highlights and waxing and then when I got to Mexico my face broke out into boils because I am a freakish vampire like person who is allergic to the sun?

And wouldn't it be even funnier if this prevented me from getting off the ship and actually doing anything in Mexico because I was too busy icing my face in the cabin room?

And would it not be the funniest if I spent two whole days racing from shade to shade, which you know, there's a lot of on a SHIP in the middle of the OCEAN?

Kill me.

I'd like to say that this wasn't a big deal, but it really took a chunk out of our trip. The active chunk - the chunk that contained kayaking and hiking and such touristy things. I tried to be a good sport about it. I'd cry in the tiny bathroom and then come out bravely announcing to Chris "I think it's getting better!" before heading to the pool to hide under some stairs.

My lame ass skin not withstanding, we did have a great time. Especially when, in an effort to soothe me before leaving our room, Chris said "Babe, you look hot. And I'm including your face."

Thank you for clarifying, Chris.

As far as the live-blogging I promised, hahahahaha. The internet cafe they offered was so expensive and so painfully slow, that it felt like giving blood. Except without the cookie at the end. It took me an hour just to post the picture in the last entry. Which, by the way was actually before the barfing began. (My skin's intolerance is only outmatched by my liver's.)

I know you all came for the pics, so here's a few from the Flickr album.

Day 1:


I am hot when very far far away. And blurry.

Day 2:
A little football game was on.

Day 3:
My View of Mexico
There's a second pool in my belly button. Neat!


Does this pic above remind anyone else of the cowardly lion?


Day 4:
Cabo San Lucas


This would have been less weird if we'd, um, smiled.

Day 5:
Curse the sun. I spit upon it!

Hi, we're Chris and Lena and we'd like to wash your car!
We're in lurve.

Day 6:
More Pool
Aren't I so pretty?


Day 7:

Seasick, rashy, hungover. Time to go home!


Butrfly4404 said...

OH! You are so cute!!! You can't even see a rash, so...good, right?

If it makes you feel any better, my stomach has NEVER been that flat! I've also never been on a cruise...or to Mexico...Do you really need me to go on, because I CAN!

I forgive you for not blogging and I'm sorry I called you a drunk. (Hehe, did you see that? Oh!)

chirky said...

Lena, Your huge boobs and flat stomach make me sick. I hate you in a very petty, jealous way. Please stop being so damn cute.


Anonymous said...

You both are so friggin' cute I can't take it.

(Take your sun rash and flat stomach and big boobies and gorgeous husband and bite me...)

...and now I'm back from my jealous rant.

You are is your husband..Glad you had some fun!

Thank you for the fun pictures too...

MAMB said...

I've developed some sun issues as I've gotten older - anything more than an hour of direct sunlight and I get sun poisoning on my ankles and wrists...more than that and it spreads. Howevery, you manage to look darling and I can't see your rash anywhere! Glad it was fun!

Lena said...

Seriously, there are two entire days of NO pics where I looked like I had scales. I'm not exaggerating. As a matter of fact, if I went into detail you'd never come back. Like, um, "puss". There, I warned you.

chris said...

Really I thought you looked totally cute and then I saw the flat stomach bikini photos I decided that I don't like you anymore ;-)

Lena said...

Flat stomach. HAHAHAHAHA. Gravity, my dear Watson.

If you email me I'll send you some pics that will make your day. My stomach looks like a punch bowl.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Your stomach does not look like a punch bowl. I know this, because mine actually does, and there is NO WAY I would even wear a bikini, let alone blog pictures of it. :)
You look awesome.

Carrie said...

It looks like your trip was a blast. So sorry about the sun problems. Even so, I'm so, so jealous. I wana go on a cruise too! With you and your cute hubby (stalker moment, please forgive) We could party like rock stars!

Virenda said...

Okay first and formost you look AMAZING! I could seriously hate you. :0) Nice tan by the way....

Second. I am SO sorry that you had to have such a downer on your vacation.

Third. I've missed you and can't wait to see you once me and S are healthy.

(Really you look so amazing.)

Virenda said...


Bobealia... said...

Where to start?
Ah... holy ginormous boobs!
Oh, and you brought like 24 bikinis and apparently you only wore two different ones the entire time. Did you not think I would notice?
Oh, and the hair, the hair. We do have the same hair... and once I saw that, I barely even noticed your ginormous boobs and your flat tummy because I couldn't stop staring at the hair. How long does it take you to blow it out? I never do it 'cause it takes like an hour! In the heat? On the water? Woman, what magic potions were you using? How do you get your bangs like that? Mine either look flat or curly... no in-between body like yours.
There's no envy here, just admiration baby.
Oh, and sucks about the sun allergy. I mean especially since you live in California. Uh, did you see that Extreme Home Makeover where they 'specially designed a house for a girl with a sun allergy? They made her a pool with a retractable roof... uh... maybe you should write to them?

Lena said...

Ooooh Bobealia - How did I KNOW you would notice the bikinis? ;)

And the boobs aren't really that big - just the bras are. ;p

Kelly said...

Tax refund is funding a trip to Cabo for me and my husb soon....
No cruise though. I could not go that long with sh!tty food!
Jealous of your beach vacay... and it makes me want to be on mine like yesterday.

Dad Gone Mad said...

That picture you took of yourself laying down? I'm gonna recreate that and it's NOT gonna be pretty.

Thanks for the inspiration, Lena. And thanks for that bikini shot, too.

GoPackGo said...

I hope you had a great time Lena! You deserve it! You looked fabulous! And big bras need big boobs to fill them, nice try though. LOL MJ

alms said...

OH, that's terrible about the skin ordeal! So sorry to hear about that. Being sick or otherwise plagued while on vacation is no fun and unfair.

Lisa said...

Big boobs, georgous hair and a flat tummy. I think I hate you now.

(Ok. I really don't. But I COULD.) :-)

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