If You Sweep It, They Will Come

Number of days listed: 7

Number of calls received: 0

Awesome! At this rate we'll be propping our house on the curb with a "Take Me. I'm Free!" sign taped to it by the time this is over with.


I have painted, scrubbed, mopped, vacuumed, dusted, weeded, hoed (what else is new? har!), shined, and redecorated. Aside from lying in wait in the closet with a kitchen knife and a Sales Agreement I cannot imagine what more I can do to sell this house.

Come and knock on my door/Take a step that is new/Make an offer on my house that's not a joke/Three's company too-o.

Front Door ...duh.
Front Door After The Undoing
Be sure to see what Chris and I did to it first. For we are wizards.

Entry-ish Place

Sitting Room or Where The Dog Sits
Sitting Room aka Everything From Pier One Imports

I died a little painting these cabinets.

Where I can be found eating Twizzlers and yelling at the television.
Living Room aka Where I Lay About Flipping Through People Magazine

Master Bedroom, for I am the Master.
Master Bedroom

I am never on this, so I thought someone should be. She looks nice, don't you think? I might draw her in my closet trying on clothes with me next.
Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom because I am the Master Bather.
Master Bath

Savannah's Room - this color is called p-i-n-k. Even though it is actually orange. I'm sticking with my story.
Savannah's Bedroom

My office. Where good posts go to die.

Playroom - Where the playas play.

Playroom! Where the playas play!

Yard - Don't. Breathe. On. The. Tan. Bark. Love, Chris.

No house of mine will ever be this clean again. The days of six day old dishes and dust bunny gangs are over! This is the new and improved don't-you-dare-use-a-dish-and-not-rinse-it-after-or-so-help-me-god-I-will-crush-you house.

It will sell, right? RIGHT?


Melissa said...

Lena, your house is absolutely gorgeous!

Butrfly4404 said...

Your house is beautiful! You can ONLY blame the market for the selling problems. Or maybe I'm just used to this place. Seriously, though, WAY nicer than my house and I LIKE your bedroom paint.

I will spare you the rest of the compliments...just know that I think your pad is PRETTY. (And that girl on the treadmill is so damn skinny, it makes me REALLY want one).

At our old house, we painted the girl's room Pink...bright pink, to make a statement, you know? It was horrible, that's all I have to say.

Lena said...

Do you guys have $500K and a ride over here?

Mrs. Chicky said...

If it wasn't for the small problem of it being across the country, I'd totally buy your house. Love it!

Linsey said...

Lena! It looks awesome!!!! Your house is beautiful!!!! Good Luck! Sucks so bad... selling houses.... I love your paint color in the kitchen and entryish way.

chris said...

I love your house! AT first I wasn't sure if it was your house or magazine photos. Beautiful.

Amy said...

wow your house really is beautiful!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Yeah, I would totally buy your house! Except I would only get three cents for selling mine in Texas and probably couldn't come near affording yours. :)

Anonymous said...

The house is gorgeous - it should totally sell.

Karen said...

Your house is totally gorgeous! If I had more than $30 in the bank, I would totally buy it! And I love the color of the bedroom, I actually just painted my living room that color.

Serenity Now! said...

I want to buy your house! Where the heck do you live??

karly said...

Um, I'd buy it. Not that I could afford it. But I'd buy it. Its clean and shiny and pretty.

Danielle P. said...

Wow! Your house is beautiful! $500K? Is that really what it is listed for? See, this is exactly why I live in the Maritimes (Canada)...we get all the house and twice the yard at half the price. But I guess that's the market for you. Good luck selling.

mamatulip said...

My joint's still on the market. It's been almost three weeks. I feel your pain and I'm saluting you with a big magnum of wine. Yeah, it's only nine a.m. here. So what?

Your house is gorgeous. It'll sell in no time.

Carrie said...

Look. at. the. closet. it is organized. It would pass military muster. Swoon. I want mine to look like that!

reluctant housewife said...


I want your house. We've been looking for a year, I would BEG you to take my money for a house that gorgeous for that amount of money.

Can you ship it to Boston? I'm tired of looking.

Lena said...

How about this? You all can live in it together?

Yes. That's brilliant.

Heather said...

I want your patio. Please and thank you.

Delton said...

I'm a little worried about your friend on the treadmill. She looks sick. Maybe you could distract yourself from trying to sell the house and take her to the hospital, or out to eat at least. :)

dcrmom said...

That is a gorgeous house. Love your choice of paint colors. Yes, even the pink/orange room.

Lisa said...

Ohhh. Me likey! Awesome place...

chirky said...

Hi. Love your kitchen. Love your Master Bath.

Those are the only two important rooms, and everyone knows it. I can't believe it hasn't sold! That no one has called.

Lena, are you lying to us?

Virenda said...

Your house really is beautiful.


I hope it sells fast.

Michelle Smiles said...

Gorgeous! If you'll take 2 quarters, a starbucks card with $1.12 left on it, and a mint with some lint stuck to it, I'll take it!

Kristin said...





Lena said...

Lying that it's not selling? No.

Lying about eating Twizzlers? Yes.

Melissa said...

This...uh...does not bode well for my house. If this isn't selling...I am screwed.

Let's hope Michigan buyers are less fickle.

Anonymous said...

So what color are your walls in the main part of the house..I NEED that color.

Lena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lena said...

Janet - Prepare to be shocked and amazed.

Eddie Bauer Vintage Gray

It looks blue right? I KNOW! After trying every blue ever made, I realized that gray would APPEAR blue against white and in the shadow of indoors.

Voila! Boring!

mothergoosemouse said...

I love your house!! And I don't envy you, trying to keep it in order for potential buyers, what with a little person wreaking havoc all the time. We will sell this house when the girls are OUT of it. Hell, I might even send Kyle on an extended vacation just so that I can keep it clean for showings.

Anyway. It's beautiful. And CJ's room is a deep melon color like Savannah's.

Suzie said...

Going through the same thing here with our condo. SoCal real estate, tough. At least we come home to the cleanest, never before un-cluttered home. It looks so great, I want to buy it myself, but then I remember that there is a reason that we are selling. Good luck. (Wanna trade?)

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