You Must Click This!!

Oh my God. Check out this footage of Paula Abdul. Girl is so wasted I swear she wets herself at one point.

Click HERE for the carnage.

I'm warning you: it hurts.


Lindsey said...

OMG! Horrible! And hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I can't even continue watching that its so bad. ugh christ.

Amy said...

oh my i had to stop watching. I couldn't handle it. So scary.

Lisa said...

Someone was just telling me about this recently... She's actually claimed that she doesn't take drugs either. I don't know WHAT she's thinkig...

Kris H. said...


Bobealia... said...

Who let her go on like this?
Pain medicine & alcohol don't mix.

Jess Riley said...

That was PAINFUL to watch. I couldn't sit through all of it. I wonder what those news anchors were thinking; they look kind of scared.

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Sandra said...

That is funny.

Hey look at your blog! I have been out of the loop. LOVE it.

jen said...

I had to call Mike over to watch that. He couldn't even handle all of it (I of course watch watched it in its entirety).

I kept waiting for her to fall out of her seat with all that side head shaking/bobbing she was doing. So weird.

have we heard any of the lastest PR spins on this one?

Anonymous said...

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GoPackGo said...

Oy, that is awful. I feel hung over just looking at the video! LOL

king said...

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