Oh, Was That Out Loud?

Melodramatic much?

Thanks for indulging me and saying those lovely things in my last post. I tend to get all sappy about anniversaries.

(Like that time with my first real boyfriend in college and I wouldn't stop celebrating our month anniversaries even after we were together TWO YEARS. And finally he was like "Lena stop!" or maybe it was "Lena stop waiting for me outside my house! I broke up with you!". But, I'm pretty sure it was the first one. Whatever. He looked like Curious George.)

Moving on to other things. Of the, uh, lesbian variety. Yeah, that's right. I said it.

So our Secret Agent Babysitter has been a little quiet and emotional lately. She's been coming over a lot more often and sitting wordlessly in front of our television. I was fine with that because at least she wasn't trying to sell my daughter to gypsies again. But, last night SAB's mom came over to "warn me" that she found a note in SAB's jeans from another 10 year old girl.

And this is what the note said:

"I am bi-sex. Are you? Will you be my girlfriend?"

I was in the middle of baking cookies when she told me (God, I am so suburban it hurts me) and I almost put my head in the oven.

Is this REALLY what I have to look forward to in FIVE SHORT YEARS? This cannot possibly be normal behavior for a ten year old, can it? I remember fifth grade vividly and there were alot of Barbies and Scholastic Books. And we'd play M-A-S-H (remember that? Mansion Apartment Shack House?). And ride our bikes. I never once was thinking about another girl's va-jay-jay. I left that to Cyndi Lauper.

So, my question is two-fold:

1) Do you think this is an isolated event? Or are 10 year old kids really this knowledgeable now?

2) Should I be concerned about SAB playing with Savannah? Do you think this is a warning sign of influence my five year old is not ready for? Or would that be overreacting?


P.S. - Oh. Also? As if this didn't happen like fourteen months ago. Way to deliver news People.

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