Friday DriveBy: Weak End Indeed

(Weekend? Weak End, get it? Am very clever, me.)

So, I haven't done the Friday DriveBy recently because I forgot about it I made the decision to give you people a break from the lists because once I start lists I can't seem to stop. But, I do have a good list going so why keep it to myself?

Things I Am Grateful For This Week or Products I Apparently Seem to Be Reviewing For Free (Why?)

Thank you to:

  • Starbucks for coming up with this fantastic idea when I had no idea what to get my husband for his Special Day (everyone in the family gets one a year - we don't do birthdays). Because apparently having my pictures all over the Internet is not enough and I would like to have Chris hand carry them around town.
  • My Food Diary for helping me lose five pounds! This seriously is the most comprehensive, yet user-friendly food and exercise journal I've ever seen. Before you start though let me warn you that you'll get frownie faces if you have Diet Pepsi and Taffy cookies for dinner...I'm guessing. Still, it's so much better than Weight Watchers Points system, which made me gouge my eyes out with a melon baller.
  • This Pixel Chix toy that Savannah received as a gift because she played with it for three whole days before abandoning it. (Not bad, as you likely know.) It's a mall with separate screens for pixel girl's apartment and boutique. It's supposed to do other things (pet store, hair salon) but our pixel seems to have an eating disorder because she just keeps ordering pizzas and burgers by phone. Although Savannah never tires of her using the bathroom where you see her walk off the screen and then hear the toilet flush. (With all that cheese, can you blame her?)The coolest thing is it hooks up to the Pixel Car, which we already had, so they become interactive. No, wait. The coolest thing is that it's ONE FRIGGIN PIECE because AHHHHHHH!
  • The government for finally pulling their thumbs out of their hats and realizing what a logistical nightmare they've created by requiring every American to obtain a passport if they plan to travel by air or sea within the next six weeks. Like to, I don't know, Mexico in February! On Princess Cruises! See? Preeeetty. They've lifted the sea travel requirements which means $360 we don't have to spend! On papers! And instead on things like photos with donkeys and crochet bikinis! Woot! Thanks Government.
  • The Philosophy products I talked about before? Sorry that I forgot to come back and mention that they ROCK. Buy them. My laugh lines have totally disappeared. Although: I haven't been laughing much. Sort of like you during this post. Ha!
  • My best friend for suggesting that we have lunch today. I shall wear my best jeans and flat iron my hair. For my wine likes me to look pretty.

**I cannot believe I still haven't written about our party last weekend! That's up next.


"Oh Lena. This day isn't going to waste itself!"

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