Not Posting Is the New Black

Can you imagine if I did a post about, like, MAKEUP and then just left it up for like five days? Yeah, that would be weird.


Anyway. It's Tuesday, but it feels like Thursday because tomorrow is sort of like Friday when Chris will be peeling himself away from the computer while the sun is still up and he is still speaking in complete sentences and we will be embarking upon The Drive That Never Ends and Also Makes Me Eat Carls Jr.

Also known as The Drive To See the Family and All the Pretty Houses We Can't Afford Now But Could Have When We Moved Away But We Didn't Know That Yet and So We Moved To the Desert and Now We're Stuck Here Because The Market Sucks and Now So Do We.

Some people prefer to call it "The Bay Area", but to me it's always the first one.

I am however going to be making the most kick ass side dish recipes EVAH. Feel free to steal them because your life will never be the same after you have your vegetables presented in such a delectable way. In other words, I like my vegetables to taste either like cheese or candy. As likely do your small children, so bonus!

Lena's Totally Easy Green Beans (Which will FINALLY make up for the undercooked chicken you served your mother-in-law the first time she came to your apartment, which she picked at for a half hour before abandoning the bleeding pink center in an act of self-preservation. You know you did it too.)

Green Beans

Olive Oil

Bleu Cheese

Toasted Walnuts

Cracked Pepper/ Salt

Saute fresh green beans in olive oil, salt, and cracked pepper and then sprinkle bleu cheese over the top and finish with a toss of walnuts.

Sweet Potatoes That Make Me Offer To Clean The Kitchen So I Can Lick The Bowl

Sweet Potatoes

1 Tbl Butter or Olive Oil

Orange Juice


Chopped Pecans

Brown Sugar

Microwave or bake sweet potatoes until tender. Peel and chop. Coat in olive oil or butter in pan on Medium heat. Add a little orange juice, nutmeg, brown sugar and a generous sprinkling of pecans. Saute for 20-30 minutes until soft. You can throw in a few raisins as well.

See? I just gave you an excuse to stay in the kitchen and sip directly from the Bailey's bottle. You're welcome.

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