Move Me

All I've really been doing for the last 12 hours is pore over and photoshop my furniture into the interior photos.

I hate saying I hate living here because it seems like such an insult to the people I love in my life: my husband and our friends. But, I don't know what other way to express it. I love my life. I love my friends and husband. I just would prefer to put them in my pocket and take them with me to another city.

When we moved here from the Bay Area, we moved with the game plan to buy a house, sell it, buy another house, sell it, move back to the Bay Area with our booty and Rule The World!

Instead, we moved here, bought a house, and triiiiiied to selllllll the house, but couldn't and so we staaaaayed.

At this point, I'd be happy if we just moved back to the Bay Area and Ruled A Carport.

One thing I have learned in this experience (one of, oh, about 100 things. The first being, don't buy a house in a town of which you ask "Are cactus natural to this area?") is that I am not a house snob after all. I am giddy, GIDDY, with unrestrained joy over the prospect of 1200 square feet of attached townhouse in Northern California.

Why the joy? Because it will be close to the beach, the city, museums, concerts, hiking trails, shopping, fantastic schools, and everyone I've ever known in my entire life. Also the scene of The Dating, The First Kiss, The First Kiss Plus Bonus Features, The First Job, The Marriage, The Baby. Every major event in my life has occurred in Northern California and I am willing to sacrifice square footage to have my environment back.

Mostly, I just want to go home. I underestimated my attachment to my hometown and I overestimated my sense of adventure. To demonstrate:

Me/Ability To Start New(Immaturity) = Move Back Already and Shut Up2

Chris figured out this equation before I did (I was hung up on the Immaturity constant which involved a lot of unproductive whining) and he said these sweet sweet words as we drove through the hills of Gilroy over the weekend for Thanksgiving:


To which I responded "SHUT. UP. REALLY???!" and then in a fit of joy tried to stand up through the sunroof and yell (which I don't recommend while wearing lipgloss - that was a lot of insect leg).

The bad news is that sheer enthusiasm alone will not sell our house here or pay for one there. Only we can do that. We've painted everything that would stand still, bought new appliances, and completely landscaped. What more do we have to do to make this house marketable?

I can already hear what our realtor will say this time, "You guys sure have done a lot of work on the place, that's for sure. The painted cabinets are nice. But, what today's buyer is really looking for is an oil well in the back yard."

I know that we're in for a long stressful series of unknowns as we embark upon this journey of selling, buying, and moving. But, at least we're facing in the right direction.


Now, excuse me while I shrink my couch down and cut and paste it into someone else's unsuspecting living room.

Not trying to hear that

"Stop peeing on the lawn? I'm not trying to hear that."

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