The First of Several Decisions on Which I'm About To Consult a Magic Eight Ball

I have no idea whether this is completely normal or if I'm about to scar my child for life.

I'm considering paying a child to play with my daughter.

Let me give you some backstory:

See, Savannah's love for the neighbor rivals the most extreme of obsessions. At least five times a day Chris and I field questions pertaining to or involving the 11-year-old little girl who lives next door.

"When is Lindsey going to be home?" "Who called? Was it Lindsey?" "Can I call Lindsey?" "Did you say Lindsey?".

One night she even cried out for Lindsey IN HER SLEEP.

When Lindsey does occasionally grace us with her presence (about once a month), Savannah is so overwhelmed with the sheer joy of Lindsey's smell and presence and voice that she spends the majority of the time staring at the side of Lindsey's head, unable to think of a single sensical thing to say.

(I know exactly where she picked this up because I have about ten ex-boyfriends, two ex-bosses, and that cute barista at Starbucks that can vouch for a similar experience with me.)

I should add in Savannah's defense, that she is very popular in her preschool class. All the little girls love her. But, the attention from this 'big girl' is what she's after. It's intoxicating. She's hooked.

The thing is, Lindsey is getting older. And it is becoming increasingly obvious that she is coming over to play at the urging of her parents. (Something I imagine to sound like this: "Go play with that girl already so the damn phone stops ringing! ...And tell her mother she might want to use this time to address the four foot weed in the front yard.")

Savannah is six years younger than Lindsey and I know any interest Lindsey has in playing over is quickly waning. Sooooo, what I was thinking is that I would maybe perhaps offer Lindsey MONEY to BABYSIT in SECRET.

Savannah would think Lindsey was coming over to play, Lindsey would have motivation to come, and I could see my little girl happy. Everybody wins, right?

Do you see anything wrong with this? Have you ever paid someone to babysit your child without their knowledge?

*shakes Internet* *waits for purple triangle to appear in window*

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