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t's the first Weekly Stalker Blog Review*! Hosted by me, your resident stalker.

I received SO MANY (a bajillion and nine at last count) blog shout outs. You guys dee-liver. And my weekend was dee-lightful (except for the whole Crying Uterus Thing) because there's nothing I love more than stalking new victims and poking around in their archives and celebrating their discovery with cheese and crackers.

Then adding them to Bloglines and emailing them "I added you to Bloglines! Did you feel anything?" and then I laugh because I can see them making that weird face I do when I open creepy emails from people I don't know.

(Like did I ever tell you guys about the one where this guy asked me if I "use rubber pants"? And I have NO IDEA if he meant on myself or my child. AND. His profile picture is of him sitting alone on a couch with his legs open. Thank god for low-res cameras because...I think he may have been wearing rubber pants.)

But, I digress. So, the new blogs! With fantastic writing! And squooshy babeees! Am. Loving. It. Although: *uterus cries*.

So, this is this week's Most Favoritest Blog That I Have Enjoyed Stalking So Far. (That award title is totally trademarked, so step off.)


She makes me want to press delete and start ALL OVER again.

Post Totally Worth Reading Every Word: this one.

And most of all, thanks Moose for the pimpout!

*There's still time to Show Me Yours as I'll continue to do this every week. Leave your recommendations in the comments here.

**Also? On a totally unrelated note? You girls loooove to shave. I'm thinking a beauty question every week from now on because I can learn a thing or two. Up next, "What the hell is wrong with my face?" Stay tuned.

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