"Because The Curtains My Mom Made Never Looked Like These" Blog Review

Welcome to the Second Weekly Stalker Blog Review! Please hold your applause until the end of the post so you don't distract yourself.

So, this is this week's Most Favoritest Blog That I Have Enjoyed Stalking So Far. If by "stalking", I mean "weeping over".

Seriously. How am I going to be able to read anything else?

Warning: Do not read if you're feeling even the TEENSIEST bit incompetent as a mother. Or photographer. Or writer. Or non-button-sewer. Or, um, person.

I click on this link and then all of the sudden it's two hours later, I've purchased a book, tearfully examined my parenting skills, developed an affection for felt, taken a long hard look at my domesticity weaknesses, and am strongly considering moving to a lighthouse in Maine.

The only downside to this blog is that it makes my life look like crap. I don't even OWN a needle and thread. I actually TAPED my pants hem the other day. True story. And MY curtains? Look like highwater pants.

Do you think SouleMama would be friends with me? Yeah, I'm leaning towards no as well. Although the shot of her ice cream and pie accompanied by wine suggests we're actually long lost sisters. If she'd just start responding to my emails. And phone calls. *scowls*

Thanks Melissa for the link.

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