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I admit I lost my sense of humor when I found out that the check from my client that I assumed was on its way has not actually even been issued and would now be in next month's pay cycle.

And I admit that I used words that would make my mother blush when I received the email from said client this morning informing me that the delay was due to them not being able to open the attachment which contained my invoice. THREE WEEKS AGO. So, let me get this straight. You could not open the attached invoice THREE WEEKS AGO so you then decided that rather than calling me, or emailing me, or faxing me, or sending a damn homing pigeon, you would instead IGNORE the submitted invoice.

Until. I. Asked. About. It.

What would you have done if I had never followed up? Never paid? Considered the 54 baskets a gift from the kindness of my bleeding heart?

Okay, well here's my new delivery process on your baskets. I'll deliver them, not when you place your order, but once you call and ask where the hell they are. How does that work for ya?

Did I mention that I have about 45 cents to my name which is only about $1,299.55 cents short of what I need in the next 48 hours to get my house ready for the market. I didn't? Well, now you know why I'm shoving a pencil through my eye right now.

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Anonymous said...


Well, I am confused by the title, but I found the post interesting--what does that make me?That is pretty obnoxious customer behavior, all right.

Posted by: landismom | 05/08/2006 at 01:40 PM

Criminy - Just hearing that adds to my desparate need to live on a deserted island with a therapist to work out my growing need to strangle people and spit on their shoes.

Posted by: Teri M. | 05/08/2006 at 01:58 PM

Oh Lena that is SO F'ing frustrating. What bad business. LOSERS.Poor baby. I sure hope things work themselves out. :-|Oh and your making me nervous Lena, all that stress you have is weaving it's way on to me.

Posted by: Virenda | 05/08/2006 at 02:03 PM

ooooooooh hate that s**t. get that sort of thing a lot being self have my sympathy babe. ouch.

Posted by: keda | 05/08/2006 at 02:06 PM

Is it bad that I am laughing right now?Can't help it. You make me laugh.

Posted by: Kelly | 05/08/2006 at 02:11 PM

That's ridiculous. Obviously they have higher standards for other companies than they do for their own. Sorry they've been so difficult. Hope they actually follow through this time and don't make you come asking--again!

Posted by: Caryn | 05/08/2006 at 04:44 PM

That person just sucks. Really.People are selfish. May be I'm out of it but no, I didn't get it. LOL....but hey you caught my attention. Cheers girl,K

Posted by: Kdubs | 05/08/2006 at 04:45 PM

That's a great one for people who romanticize working for yourself. Sometimes it just sucks.

Posted by: Wendy Boucher | 05/08/2006 at 04:47 PM

I thought "Ooh. She's gonna get all controversial!" and then I got pissed off for you. People are cracked. That's my opinion anyway.

Posted by: Chantal | 05/08/2006 at 04:57 PM

Well I am catching up on my reading and you have been in crisis mode. Isn't it funny how fast we are expected to pay out but when it comes to being paid they find ways to do so when it is deemed in their best interest. You are very justified to be upset. And since we obviously are talking more than a few bucks, you should be upset. Next time invoice for 3 days in a row!! Let them know you are serious!!

Posted by: Reverberate58 | 05/08/2006 at 06:55 PM

Oh fuck. I mean. F. You're not allowed to curse anymore, are ya? ;)Well, I feel for you. I'm sure with that kind of business behavior, they'll get theirs...

Posted by: Lucinda | 05/08/2006 at 08:20 PM

That totally sucks! I'm sorry. You should make everyone pay up front. NO EXCEPTIONS! Except for me, of course.

Posted by: hook | 05/08/2006 at 09:12 PM

Talk about someone being passive aggressive. Or whatever you call it when you know it's your fault, but you'll figure out a way to blame the other person. What a bunch of BS. Out of revenge, when you finally get their money, send them a receipt with your new "policy" that states you won't bring the baskets until you are paid. Of course they would be the only ones that heard of this "new policy". That bites - I'm so sorry!

Posted by: Lisa | 05/09/2006 at 04:17 AM

Oh, hell! That really sucks!

Posted by: Denise | 05/09/2006 at 05:42 AM

The worst part, that I didn't add, is that they do this to me every other invoice. It's as if they've decided because I'm a small business, they can put me off.

Posted by: Lena | 05/09/2006 at 09:18 AM

Sorry to hear about that; how crummy!! My husband recently had a similar experience where he had to make several follow-up reminders that payment was due for freelance work completed. Sometimes you just want to smack people for their cheap, unprofessional, inconsiderate ways.

Posted by: Jess Riley | 05/09/2006 at 10:21 AM

that's awful. Can't you charge them a late fee? Not being able to open an attachment, that's not your fault. the fact they waited 3 weeks to tell you about it, definitely not your fault!

Posted by: Chic Mommy | 05/09/2006 at 11:09 AM

Accounts recievables HAS to be the worst, second only to customer service. A lady in AR is always complaining about a huge law firm that does multi-million dollar deals with us and always is lax on paying.

Posted by: TheIdleReceptionist | 05/10/2006 at 09:01 AM

Are you selling and moving back up to here??? I'm probably just dreaming again. At least you're not naked this time.

Posted by: Freakren | 05/12/2006 at 05:44 PM

I guarantee they waited that long so that you'd inquire about what the hell was taking so long SO THAT your check would be in the "next pay cycle." I work for a property management company part-time, and they specialize in How To Put Off Paying People. So people are always hounding us for money (that is OWED TO THEM for SERVICES RENDERED), and I'm always told to tell them "the check is in the mail" or "we sent the check -- no idea what happened to it! we'll call the bank today!" or whatever other B.S. the property manager pulls out of her butt at the moment.

That's just inexcusable. People suck.

Posted by: Karen | 07/26/2006 at 05:39 PM

Wow! Why did I comment on this old news?? How did I come across this post and think that it was the most recent? Oh. My. God. I need some sleep.

Posted by: Karen | 07/26/2006 at 05:50 P

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