And You Thought I Was Funny

I know you have all been eagerly awaiting my Vegas update - and its a good one, I promise - but I just don't have it in me to post right now. My mother and I just had an enormous two hour long fight and I. Am. Exhausted.

The good news is we agreed to disagree.

The bad news is there is no winning a fight when you make your daughter actually cry with your yelling.

I'm going to bed.

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Anonymous said...


I'm sorry dumpling. If you want to talk about it, give me a call.Love ya!(Just slightly irritated that you have the option to go to bed so early. ;p)

Posted by: Freakren | 04/11/2006 at 04:39 PM

You totally have my sympathy. My mom and I make each other crazy, too.

Posted by: Trouble in Shangri La | 04/11/2006 at 06:49 PM

Oh, Lena. I'm so sorry about your fight. I can understand how that can make it pretty difficult to have a sense of humor or to want to share. I hope you feel better soon.

Posted by: Caryn | 04/11/2006 at 07:10 PM

I empathize coz I've been there on one too many occasions. My mother starts playing mind games and bitching about me to my sister and my aunts after she fights with me, so EVERYONE in the whole family can know and give their 2 cents as to who was right and who was wrong. I swear I am so much more mature than her.

Posted by: Chic Mommy | 04/11/2006 at 08:51 PM

eeesh. That does not sound like fun.I don't know what to say except...Oh.So.Sorry.

Posted by: Kelly | 04/11/2006 at 11:55 PM

I hope things get better babe.

Posted by: R. Robyn | 04/12/2006 at 01:01 AM

Awww...I sowwy. Nothing worse than a mom fight.

Posted by: TheIdleReceptionist | 04/12/2006 at 06:17 AM

I will await the full report! Sleep good!!

Posted by: Reverberate58 | 04/12/2006 at 06:23 AM

It's so weird how moms always know how to hit our buttons the best. I'm sorry, babe!

Posted by: Marcia | 04/12/2006 at 07:45 AM

I am so sorry.....that makes my heart ache. Moms can still make us feel so crappy, even when we are grown women and have families of our own to take care of.I hope you feel better soon!

Posted by: Angela | 04/12/2006 at 08:15 AM

I forgot you were going to Vegas, and since you weren't posting I thought there was something wrong... I'm glad you were off galavanting.I prefer when my parents yell... I hate the disappointed in you whispers.I hope you are feeling better now.

Posted by: Jessica | 04/12/2006 at 08:40 AM

That sounds like a chocolate emergency. I do hope that you feel better.

Posted by: something blue | 04/12/2006 at 01:09 PM

I'm thinking that it calls for dip and chips, the yummmy kind.Hope your feeling better...

Posted by: Virenda | 04/12/2006 at 01:12 PM

sorry to hear it knocked the funny out of you. we're all still eagerly wating!:D

Posted by: Chatty Kathy | 04/12/2006 at 01:48 PM

Oh I am so sorry babe...take care and have a good rest. Things always look better after a nap or a goodnights sleep.{hugs},a.

Posted by: andrea | 04/12/2006 at 02:49 PM

oh, have really sweet dreams. remember, what happens in vegas, STAYS in vegas. oh, right. that doesn't apply. so, again, sweet dreams!

Posted by: HolyMama! | 04/12/2006 at 09:23 PM

A Vegas trip and a slammin' new template? I have been out of the loop for WAY too long.

Posted by: blog Portland | 04/12/2006 at 09:52 PM

oh babe thats nasty. i hope you feel better now*

Posted by: keda | 04/13/2006 at 01:02 AM

I'm so sorry! :( Hope you feel better soon - miss ya!

Posted by: Lisa | 04/13/2006 at 0

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