I'm So Vain, I Bet I Think This Blog Is About Me

Ahh, you're all such good sports. I have to laugh at the recent tone of my blog: I complain, I whine, I cry. Then you come soothe me, encourage me, hold me. You're enablers - the whole lot of you!


I would like you to know however, that when I bitch I truly am not looking for ego stroking. I'm just venting.

So, for those of you out there that are one post away from leaving the following comment: 'Stop whoring for compliments! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!' I want to say I don't blame you.

I also want to assure you that on a cognitive level, I do think I'm a lovely person. It's just that I don't always feel the need to share those moments of clarity with you. It makes for boring blog, you know? Plus, for some reason, I only feel the need to write when I want to bitch and vent.

Lucky you.

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Anonymous said...


If it's cathartic, keep doing it. You spice up the levity with hysterics. So you keep ME entertained, and that's all I look for in a blog.I've only been reading you for a month or so now, but I read you EVERY DAY like an obsession. I like what you do. :)

Posted by: Marcia | 03/22/2006 at 08:02 PM

I linked from Kdubs...first time here. Vent, bitch, whine. It's your siteWHORE FOR COMMENTS It's one of my favorite things about blogging. I even admit to being a comment whore. Love them. I'll be around lurking.

Posted by: Libragirl | 03/22/2006 at 08:17 PM

Switch it up for us then. How about spilling your top 5 (non-sexual) fantasies?And.... go.

Posted by: blog Portland | 03/22/2006 at 08:29 PM

That's funny, I just read your blog to get my "big" word of the day. Then I figure out how to use it at work to sound smart.

Posted by: Freakren | 03/22/2006 at 08:32 PM

I'm tired, so I read, "I do think I'm an overly lovely person." There Marcia goes, stroking your overly lovely ego again.:0)

Posted by: Jessica | 03/22/2006 at 08:54 PM

Hi Lena! I just wanted to tell you how utterly kind and sweet your comment was to my Blogher anxietyfest post. It was really nice (and unexpected) to find something so cool waiting in my inbox. Thanks so much for generously extending yourself (and your friends) to me should I end up going. People like you make blogging so worthwhile. If I decide to go, I will definitely let you know so I can buy you many drinks ;-)

Posted by: Izzy | 03/22/2006 at 09:16 PM

"Whoring for compliments." Great phrase, and so true in many cases--none of them yours. Because it's clear that you're not just trying to get ego stroking. You're just...venting. Who wants to read about sappy, beautiful, my-life-is-perfect moments? We bond with the good stuff: sadness, anger, and all-out terror. So go for it.Come to think of it, though, I don't think your tone has been all that negative. It's possible to rant without being negative, and you manage it because you're funny. Keep it up. :-)Oops. And now I gave into compliment whoring. Reverse psychology really works, doesn't it? ;-) J/K

Posted by: Caryn | 03/23/2006 at 06:44 AM

eich (ok, that's supposed to be that little back of the throat Yiddish sound version of "oy", it's paired with a roll of the eyes and a both hands slightly raised from the keyboard)You give me such blog envy! (hey, does this make me a comment john?) Frankly, I'm ok with being an enabler. ;-)p.s. thanks for stopping by my ever so humble newbie blog!

Posted by: Teri M. | 03/23/2

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