S.P.T. - Now Even More Boring!

S.P.T. - Now Even More Boring!

I'm disenchanted with myself. This is getting old.

Notice my daughter in the background. See how she's decided to take matters into her own hands and document her childhood where she can?


Chris said...

Are you crazy?! I love the hair, the look. You're beautiful! If by disenchantment you mean super enchanted, then YES!

~Stacy~ said...

Okay, next time ... put the camera in your daughter's hands and have her click away while you stand on your head.Eh, just a thought.btw ... Vi started up a 20 Question's Tag game and I've thusly tagged you.Whew! Glad that's accomplished. I'm right thirsty no

chicmommy said...

You are so funny! You look absolutely gorgeous, you don't have a think to worry about. I wish I had the courage to post a pic of myself. BTW, how do you get that nice border around your photo? is there a code for that?

Blue Tige said...

Very creative, I like the 3 in 1 approach. Definetly better then the fuzzy picture I posted. But when it comes to pictures of me fuzzy is better.

Virenda said...

pooh it's Tuesday already???I can never come up with the good stuff till it's late at night and my hubby is yelling at me to come to bed. ~sigh~You look super FINE today sweetie, don't get yourself down. As Chris says your in that 3%. :0)(Started a game and YOU have to play, cause you just have too)

WendyWings said...

Everytime I try to take a pic in the mirror I forget to turn off the flash and temporarily blind myself.Not a good look

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