Is This Thing On?

Okay, now that Blogger is back up my life has meaning again! Vi came over yesterday to work on our Cafe Press designs (just wait for it people, it's going to be fantastical) and when we found out our sites couldn't be accessed we were downtrodden. We were lost. We were confused. We were bitter.

(The following dialogue I am shamelessly lifting from my own comment in my comment section)

VI: My site's not coming up!
ME: Mine either!!
VI: For all that is holy, what is going on!!!
ME: What do we do???!!!

(We stare at each other)

ME: What did we do before blogging?
VI: I don't remember. Did I even like you?

After spending countless hours as refresh button monkeys, we finally turned to each other and agreed we would need to find a new interest for the day. Inevitably, Tivo followed. Then pizza. Then, inexplicably, Nintendo.

Now, its Super Bowl Sunday and my family and I are off to the Mormon's house for some good clean fun. Without coffee. Without alcohol. How ARE they so joyous all the time? It's inhuman. I better go if I have to find that 32 Ouncer from 7-11. You know, for my "water". Riiight.


Virenda said...

My husband laughed out loud and said "That's great!" referring to "did I even like you?" Lena, you are far too funny, I love you and your nintendo.We were total refersh monkeys, and I had a clean super bowl party too.

Trouble In ShangriLa said...

I feel ya on the mormon thing. I lived in SLC for 10 years. It's like living on another planet. How does ANYONE function without caffeine? I don't get it.

Renee Cassara said...

OK, I win for the worse super bowl party...check out my blog for more. (Lena I'm trying to steal your auidence. I Have NO ONE!) :)

~Stacy~ said...

Gotta have the coffee! But I'll skip the 32 ouncer and opt for a six-pack.Heh.I get thirsty from time to time.

chicmommy said...

you know I am having trouble with blogger too, my little Avatar drinking coffee won't load. I checked my template and the code is still there...I don't know. something's up.

Unforgiving Bitch said...

I'm all for a "clean" superbowl party but NO COFFEE?? I don't think I'd make it two hours into the day without coffee....

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